‚Äčtrains ships planes  Railroad Ship Airplane  paintings by Chris Jenkins

After a couple of weeks to allow the underlying image to firm up, I began adding detail and shading to the underpainting.   At that time, I also began to develop some elements of the background.

By late summer, the background was  nearly complete and the buildup of thin layers of color had increased the color saturation on the locoomotives..

After several weeks, the underpainting was near completion.   I had already added some color to the rail.

I settled on the basic composition and created a simple sketch.  My objective was to show a fast moving freight leaning into a superelevated curve.  The superelevation is clearly evident from the outside of the curve.  I thought I might make the Rock Island the subject, so I showed Rock Island Alco FAs in the sketch.  The sketch was made in March 2017.

Creation of a Railroad Oil Painting

And finally, in late September, the complete painting.  Now all it needs is a year or so to dry!.

In late April, of about six weeks after the start of the project, I made the first application of color to the lighter sections of the painting.  by this time I had decided to go with the Great Northern's beautiful orange and green paint scheme, 

My next step was to draw a full size outline and transfer that image to the canvas.

Then, it was on to the canvas where I began bociking in an  underpainting  in shades of gray..

In continued to add color and some detail to the painting over the course of early to mid-summer.

Here are the sequence of steps I used to create the oil painting  of Great Northern Alco FAs as they would have looked in the late 1950s.   ..