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The Last Tower   All is silent at windswept railroad crossing.  The last tower on the line stands alone.  Frayed telegraph wires move in the evening breeze, and glass insulators on the poles glow in the fading light.   Oil on archival canvas panel 9x 12 inches.

Vista-Dome Dusk

Just after sunset, the sky above the Canadian Prairie is full  of color.  The  red  glow of the searchlight signal reflects off the corrugated stainless steel tops of the passenger cars.  Oil on canvas  11 x 16 inches.   Prints are available on Fineartamerica.com.

Under the Signal Pennsylvania Railroad passenger trains pass at speed. It is still early in the day, and fog clings to the ground. Overhead, the position light signals glow against a pale blue sky. Under the Signals......oil on canvas panel, 14 x 11 inchesType your paragraph here.

Rolling East    Oil painting of a fast moving  diesel powered freight train.

 A set of Great Northnern Alco FAs leans into a superelevated curve.  Oil on stretched canvas.  18 x 24 inches.

The Brick Canyon   An oil painting of a New Haven Railroad switch Engine.  

The afternoon shadows are growing long and this Alco switch engine has finished its work among the warehouses.   Oil on Canvas 18 x 24 inches.

railroad passenger train painting Canada vista-dome

​trains ships planes  Railroad Ship Airplane  paintings by Chris Jenkins

Never Here Again    Oil painting of a railroad boxcar on archival canvas panel.

On a quiet Sunday afternoon, a Rock Island outside braced wood boxcar basks in the late afternoon sun.   The car is a free runner, and nearing the end of its service life.  The odds that this car will return to this industry track are very small.

The Mountain   In this oil painting of steam locomotives, a Pennsylvania Railroad Mountain types bring their train up a heavy grade.   Oil on stretched canvas  22 x30 inches.

​​New Railroad Oil Paintings by Artist Chris Jenkins