‚Äčtrains ships planes  Railroad Ship Airplane  paintings by Chris Jenkins

steam train locomotive painting Burlington CB&Q

Seven Mile Bridge    Oil on stretched canvas,   20 x 26 inches.  Before the great hurricane of 1935, when the railroad still ran to Key West, the crossing between Little Duck Key and Knights Key required a bridge of great length. 

Autumn Night, Oil on archival canvas panel  20 x 16 inches.

On a haunting fall night, , a Delaware Lackawanna and Western Super Pocono stands on the ready track..

railroad steam engine night painting

On the High Line   Oil on stretched Canvas   18 x 24 inches..

Some 70 years ago, on the now long abandoned Rio Grande Southern, the Engineer  eases a string of boxcars across a quaking trestle, on the RGS high line.

Florida keys railroad train steam locomotive bridge painting

Paintings of Steam Locomotives

steam locomotive railroad roundhouse painting
narrow gauge railroad train bridge painting Rio Grande Southern high line

Roundhouse Steam.  Oil on stretched canvas, 18x 24 inches

Bathed in steam and morning sunlight, a big Berkshire type rolls off the turntable.

Feel the Ground Shake, oil on canvas  18 x 24 inches.


With a combined locomotive and tender weight of nearly 400,000 lbs, this 4-8-4 northern type has no difficulty rolling a freight train that stretches to the horizon.   The fireman leans out over the cab armrest, listening to the sound of steam rushing from the lifting safety valve.

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