steam ship oil painting Martinique

Three Degrees North    Steamship oil painting on  stretched canvas.

An oil painting of a refrigerated ship loading bananas on the coast of Brazil. the ship is as she would have looked about 1915..

Lackawanna Railroad steam tug painting

The Mists of Martinique   Oil painting of a steam ship on canvas.

In this oil painting a steamship rests at anchor in the tropical waters of Martinique.  Mist hangs on the steep tree covered mountainsides in the background.

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 Oil Paintings of Steam Ships

Here are some of my oil paintings of steam driven ships. 

steam ship oil painting refrigerated ship bananas

Lackawanna Tug   Oil painting of a tug boat on an archival canvas panel

A DL&W railroad tug moves through a lifting fog.   In busy New York Harbor, and prior to the availability of radar, navigation in the fog required the utmost care.  Many of the eastern railroads once had extensive carfloat operations in New York Harbor.  Railroad tug boats were built with an extra high wheelhouse to provide improved visibility when moving a float loaded with rail cars.

‚Äčtrains ships planes  Railroad Ship Airplane  paintings by Chris Jenkins