AT-6 airplane oil painting

The Vindicator     Oil canvas panel  9 x 12 inches.

Airplane Painting

 This is a small preliminary painting of the Vaught SBU-2 Vindicator.   The SBU-2 was a pre-war aluminum and fabric covered scout bomber, and was obsolete by the outbreak of the was in the Pacific..

SBU-2 vindicator painting
China Clipper Martin M130 flying boat painting

Tropical Waters   Oil on stretched canvas  18 x 24 inches.

Seaplane Oil Painting

It is 1938, and a  Martin M-130 rocks at anchor in a quiet  tropical lagoon.  Flying boats like the M-130 pioneered commercial air travel across the Pacific during the 1930s.   Carrying mail and passengers, they used remote islands of the Pacific  as refueling and rest stops.

Dusk Flight   Oil on canvas panel

Aviation  Painting

  A formation training flight of AT-6s.  Original-sold

Flight Line  Oil on Masonite 13 x 24 inches

Aviation Oil Painting

   After a summer shower, the wet concrete shows a bright reflection.   

Flight Operations Cancelled 

Airplane Oil painting

With the approach of severe weather, all flight operations today have been called off.  It is time to get everything tied down and wait out the storm.   Oil on Canvas panel 

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​trains ships planes  Railroad Ship Airplane  paintings by Chris Jenkins



 Gallery of Aviation Paintings

Here is a sampling of my oil paintings of airplanes. I focus mainly on piston engine aircraft from the 1930's to the 1950s.

Painting airplanes provides some special challenges and opportunities.  Airplanes can be viewed from any point in three dimensional space, creating almost an unlimited set of possibilities for the artist.   The weather and sky conditions are an  important part of the story conveyed by the painting, and those conditions conditions have an enormous impact on the appearance of the aircraft.    Flying boats, such as the Martin M-130 shown below, also provide the opportunity to incorporate water in the painting.

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